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Measuring tool market development prospect is broad

Time:2021-10-28 14:41:45PV:
After decades of development, China's measuring tool industry has initially formed an industrial system with a full range of products, a certain production scale and development capacity, and has become the second largest measuring tool producer in the world after Japan. At the same time, as the largest machine tool consumption in China, measuring tool consumption is very amazing, measuring tool market prospects are generally optimistic.
Xu Mou, the owner of China science and Technology hardware City Hetai measuring tools store, said that due to the higher production costs in many industries, improving production efficiency and processing accuracy has become the key to maintain profits for major enterprises. In particular, digital display gauges have been widely used although they are vulnerable to damage. Compared with the traditional measuring tools, digital display measuring tools not only improve the processing accuracy, but also reduce the use of labor. Although the price and loss have increased, but the comparison between the two, large enterprises and manufacturers prefer to use digital display measuring tools. A customer engaged in the mold manufacturing and processing industry said that mechanical mold products such as bearings and gears, which require high precision and zero error, can be produced without any mistakes in the specification and size, which can often be missed by a fraction of a mile, resulting in the parts can not be used. Digital display gauges are much more accurate than traditional ones, so I have never been stingy with the cost. I will buy digital display gauges even if they break after use.